Merecraft Store

The Merecraft store's sole purpose is to raise funds to keep the server running. On the right you will see our donation goal. This is to pay for our dedicated server, Buycraft (this), and Amazon backups.

We currently accept Paypal (no account required) and Bitcoin. For other payment methods, like dogecoin, please contact the admins.

VIP Ranks

VIP is a great way to stand out on the server. Each rank has its own colored brackets and special benefits.

Each tier of VIP is only $10 and lasts forever. You are also entitled to all future benefits unless the price increases.

To see the features of each VIP tier click on buy. This will show you the description before giving you the option to add it to your cart. 

Please note, VIP does not include any in-game items or game changing features. This is to keep the game fair for everyone.


Pets are animals or mobs that follow you around! Their job is to look cute - they cannot die or be harmed in any way. You can even wear them on your head as a hat!

Pets can be turned into the baby version if it exists. You can also change the color if they are sheep, or activate their special (for example, powered creepers). Pets can even be renamed for a small additional fee.

The best part about pets is that they last forever; once you buy one, it is yours forever!

Pets are also available as a free trial! Read more about them on the Pets category page.

We also have some rare pets that are more expensive. Click here to view.


The fun category includes misc. things players can do!

You can currently insult or compliment other players. Compliments are free but you may only use it once per hour. Insults cost one dollar and are a great way to emotionally damage someone while supporting the server.

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